A Guide To Dating And Sex Around The World

There are many motivations to travel - adventure, learning, culture - but, hey, a little loving on the way helps. Here's a guide to getting dates, relationships and old fashioned casual sex around the world. Excuse the stereotypes, but there’s at least a bit of truth in each of these statements.


Dating is easy in Argentina, the people have the typically Latin freeflowing approach to intimacy. The men will be very protective of their sisters and cousins so be careful. Lookswise you have stunning brunettes mostly of an Italian heritage. Enough to make a man go wild. However they are almost all absolutely nuts. There are deep-seated issues they all carry around. You will get headaches trying to read how they are hot for you one day and cold the next. One guy I knew complained to me about an Argentine girl who made a big deal of inviting him out to dinner for his birthday only to have her repeatedly cancel their dates. He kept telling me he had to get back to Brazil where life and women weren't have such serious problems. A trick that especially works well when dating Argentine girls is to lie and say you have moved to whatever town you are in in order to study, make up something like piloting. The girls like to think you'll be more than a one night fling. One Belgian guy found success by speaking French to girls all night long.

Argentine Men

Argentine guys have suffered from the neuroses of dating the women for so long that they have gone nuts, too. On the other hand that means you will get special treatment from them for not being a crazy Argentine girl. It's not hard to find an Argentine guy, they were always trying to kiss my American girlfriend whenever I left the room. Note from EA female staff member - There are more handsome men per square inch in Argentina than anywhere else in the world. They take very good care of themselves and seem to be genetically inclined to gorgeousness.


Heaven for Western women who've always longed to hear, "Bali Boy? You want Bali Boy?" There are more blonde women of a certain age on the arms of young local boys than anywhere else in the world. If you're a western man, file Bali next to Turkey. In the trash can.


Need I say anything? Bangkok is Disneyland for the horny, cannot get laid back home to save their lives Western men. Western women are entirely superfluous in Bangkok. Not even Thai women like Thai men.


Men and Women: Things get pretty hot on the beach in Brazil. Brazilians are very comfortable in their skins and there is no guilt whatsoever where the enjoyment of sex is concerned. To kiss someone means no commitment whatsoever in many cases and is just part of the evening's entertainment. To spend the night with someone is also often just an adventure to tell the friends about the next day. It's a good idea to use contraception as Aids and Std's are more prevalent here than in most parts. The condom is called a camisinha, meaning a small shirt. Girls and even many guys live at home until well into their 20's or further so it's likely to have to be your place or a motel. A night in one of these costs around $20-30.

Brazilian Girls

In the uninhibited spirits girls wear the skimpiest underwear and beach costumes possible. You'll hardly ever see a girl topless on the beach though, it's as if that would be immodest but showing 98% of the entire body is perfectly okay. Brazilian girls are so used to the intense come-ons of the local guys that they're often touched by the sensitivity and tact of Westerners. Whilst they may not make the first move a smile is a definite invitation to come over and talk. You'll rarely get a rude response if you go and speak to someone. Some girls will come home with you on the first night, others are just out to flirt and have fun. It's all thought perfectly innocent. Some girls are definite gringo-hunters and will hang around the ex-pat nightspots. These speak English and some of them wouldn't mind marrying to go and live in a better country. Others are just looking for something exotic.

The girls from the rich neighbourhoods aren't usually very impressed by gringos. They're looking for the big fish in their own culture.The poorer girls may feel their ship has come in if they meet a Western guy. Don't lead someone on who thinks you might marry them.You need to learn how to tell if a girl is a prostitute. If she is she may take you for all you're worth. The clues are usually a kind of predatory look in the eyes, too obviously sexual dress and a vagueness whenever you ask what she does for a living. And make sure she's 18 or over. Once you have a girlfriend she'll probably try to completely take over your life. Most Brazilian girls are fiercely jealous and will resent any of your female friends or even any time you spend with anyone except them. One theory is that they copy their behaviour from the tele-novelas (soap operas) that they all watch religiously. These shows are full of passion, infidelity and people being bitchy towards one another. At the same time she'll help you out a lot and be an affectionate, demanding partner.

Brazilian Guys

Brazilian guys don't wait to be invited to go and talk to a girl - they just head over and put their arm around her waist before she's even seen them. In Salvador they even pull the girl's hair towards them. The guys also wear skimpy swimming costumes and parade around the beach in Speedo swimming trunks. Unfortunately not too much is left to the imagination. The guys will pretty much hit on anything in a skirt regardless of class, colour or nationality. A gringa is definitely a novelty but few are looking for a girlfriend. Relationships take away their principal pleasure in life - hitting on girls.


In the Bay Area at least, it's said that 'polyamory is the new bi'. The days of monogamy are numbered as a new generation of free lovers keep a whole bunch of relationships going at the same time. In these circles people don't refer to their long term lover as boyfriends or girlfriends but rather as their 'primary'. A quick look on the internet reveals the depth of the world of Californian swingers and dating and you can be part of it too. Join up under the mature section of Tribe and see if you can get invited to a 'play party'. These are pretty much orgies in people's houses or in alternative clubs where the rules for engagement are only that you should make eye contact before moving in.

Safe sex is a standard in California where there has been so much hype about the dangers of Aids and other STD's that a woman might even ask you to use a piece of celophane over her parts when you go down on her.

A good way to hit on Californians is to take a course in palmistry/tarot/astrology and offer to give someone a reading. That way you can get intimate and spiritual and predict they'll go on a date with you. The traveler in California has a natural advantage in a country that's pretty cut off from the rest of the world. Ham up your accent a bit and you should get some dates without too much trouble - like just visualise it, man, like create that cosmic possibility of easy sex in your mind, bro...


Love at it's most Latin. Possessive, argumentative and passionate. Catholicism doesn't get in the way too much of having a good time in Colombia. It's a modern country and full of life though it's traditional to get to know someone gradually.

Colombian Women

There are absolute heart breakers walking down the street everywhere you go. You can go down to the shopping malls and have a good time just watching them pass by. They tend to be pretty possessive though. They're also obsessed by the tele-novela culture and often want to eat up all your time. It's a common story to see foreign men under the throes of slavery, being asked to do some menial chore every five minutes in the house. There have strong tendencies towards the dramatic. If you try to break up with your girlfriend don't be surprised if she goes into convulsive fits in your arms, declaring that she doesn't want to live any more.

Colombian Men

This is deep in the heart of machismo culture where men are men and ready to prove it. Boys definitely don't cry here and feelings are something that belong to women. There are plenty of exceptions of course but as a rule of thumb it's fairly true.

You get the feeling that men never really grow up here. They have the enthusiasm of a boy at the age of 40. I saw a bunch of them wrestling and diving into a swimming pool at a hotel - finally their wives had to beg the security to stop them before they hurt themselves.


Cuban women AND men are Hot, hot, hot. It's about sex, anytime, anywhere - casual, anonymous, intimate, and platonic, but Cuban gals can be violently jealous.

ECUADOR (by Robyn Leslie)

Ecuadorian Women

These girls are a glorious mix of Spanish, Indian and African, and take pride in their appearance. Well-groomed and well-dressed, they tend to be a little aloof and sometimes take some convincing. Once you’re there, though, they will happily demand exactly what they want, be it attention, sex or commitment. In return you will get a loyal and affectionate partner who will throw herself whole-heartedly into making you happy. This is an unusual mix of self-assertiveness and submission which some men find irresistible or mind-bendingly annoying. You choose. Generally, dating in Ecuador will result in an extension of your friendship base – you will be introduced to all and sundry, and his/her closer friends will make your well-being their special project – it’s all part of the group mentality. The notorious Latino temper is fictional in Ecuador (apart from the standard drunken idiots), but be aware that some men like to think they can get away with a bit of sex on the side.

Ecuadorian Men

Men take pride in their masculinity in this country. Ironically, this involves a lot of emotional heart-on-the-sleeve behaviour. Part of being a Latino man is being emotionally volatile as well as being viewed as a firecracker with the ladies. Latino men like to believe that their obsession with sex is innately linked to their emotional maturity, but let’s call a spade a spade – they are overtly sexually aware and sex plays a big part of how they create their masculine identity. It’s a lot of talk, though, and there is sincerity and honesty behind the bravado.

There’s a variety of men on offer here: lean, muscular, boorish and gentle. A major problem is the glory and social status of hooking up with a “gringa” or foreigner. Incidences of sweet-talking for social climbing are apparent, and even if you’re both sincere – expect to be accused of trophy hunting (or being trophy hunted) by some sour old women. The advantages are that Latino men are very in touch with their feelings and passions. The sentimentality can be endearing and your physical relationships will be quite different from the generic western cliché. With sexuality playing an important role in Latin culture, you won’t find it too difficult to meet men at bars, clubs – well, anywhere actually.

As with any country where you are a foreigner, be aware that local forces are at play. Local girls don’t appreciate foreigners hi-jacking their turf, so if you get involved in the dating scene here be as sensitive as possible.


Land of English gentlemen and ladies? Think again. The days of 'No sex please, we're British' have long gone.


If you find yourself in one of Germany’s major cities, plonk yourself down at an outdoor cafe, pretend to read a newspaper and spy all the people walking past. Germans are well-dressed, athletic, stylish and beautiful. Unfortunately, when they pass middle age, the meat and potatoes diet starts catching up with them and they tend to hang on to the fashions and styles of their youth. But when they are young, you can’t help but admire the beauty hidden beneath the business suits and designer jeans. Meeting people is rather easy, and you will seldom come up against a language barrier. Younger people tend to meet at bars and clubs while older adults move between their circles of friends. Germans, both men and women, are surprisingly flirtatious and more Frech (cheeky) than they will admit. Eye contact is important, and you need to be confident but not arrogant.

German Girls

The vision is of some blond-haired, pigtailed, buxom Heidi with her voluptuous body wedged into a blue and white Dirndl several sizes too small, and carrying ten glasses of beer. These women exist of course but it’s normally those ten glasses of beer, the ones you have drunk, which makes Heidi look attractive. German girls are fantastic. Born and raised in an equal country, women are dominant in most facets of life, except in top-level business but they understand that that’s too stressful. The girls like to laugh, have a good time, and will probably drink you under the table. They are not exactly used to being propositioned in the streets and most hate Machismo men, but they are flattered by attention and romance.

German Guys

This vision is of a BMW driving bank clerk with a stringy moustache, hair a little too long at the back and a little too short at the front, a can of beer close at hand and Duran Duran blaring from the car stereo. German men are known as being insensitive, self-serving and cold; of course, that could be the description of men everywhere.

It is important to remember that many German men live at home for a long time, even after they have done their national service. Don’t expect them to be domestic wonders, nor be surprised when you come home and they’re watching football with a beer in their hands. If you do everything for them, they won’t try to stop you, but if you order them around, show some spunk, they’ll find you even more attractive.

Germany's Sex Industry

Germany is tolerant, especially in the cities, of the sex industry and sex shops. Hamburg’s Reeperbahn is the most notorious in Germany for live sex shows and has shops which sell a multitude of toys the mind could never dream of.

On Herbert Strasse, a street which runs parallel with the Reeperbahn and is open only to men over 18, the girls sit behind storefront windows. Don’t be scared. As this is Germany, it’s all very organised and legitimate. The girls are required to pay tax and undergo health checks every two months.


Greek couples yell and fight a lot. They appear surly, and the men are not seductive or gallant. They will walk right past a woman struggling with weighty bags and never offer to help.

Greek women are hot-blooded, outspoken, with largish breasts, prominent noses, and excess hair. Well the older ones anyway. Younger Greek women are striking, if a bit overmade up and over-dressed.

Greek men prefer blondes. One even told me that Greeks are descended from Norwegians. Beware that Greek men have strong sexual preferences. Think Spartan War and long time, no see women....


Male-female relations in India are heavily defined by the religion and culture. In theory sex should only take place in marriage and a woman's virtue and reputation are carefully guarded. If one girl should commit an indiscretion the shame spreads to all her sisters too. In a country where just about everything is watered down or polluted, Indians are obsessed with ideas of purity. Naturally, this only applies to women who are good for one use and then are defiled for life.

Male travellers aren't really going to meet any Indian girls unless they find themselves socialising in wealthier circles in the cities. If you hung around Bombay, Delhi or Bangalore for long enough and wore the right kind of clothes, you might eventually find your Indian princess. But most likely it would come with a lot of strings attached. You see the occasional Westerner that gets married but they marry a village at the same time.

Likewise, the only cool Indian guys that a woman might want to meet will be from a wealthier background who have had the opportunity perhaps to travel and get a little more hip. Their perspectives on the gender roles are still likely to be a little outdated though. The rest of the Indian guys are always at the ready but most are hopelessly immature and only have a vague, Bollywood notion of what sex is about. Sex education is pitiful throughout India and you can be sure that any notions of foreplay, female orgasm and sex lasting more than a couple of minutes are few.

So how did India come to be so repressed, a country that produced the Kama Sutra and the erotic carvings to be found on temples up and down the land? Well, things change and the culture became radically more conservative in the last few centuries. Marriage in India is seen as a duty. Following the example of a god like Rama, Hindus should marry and procreate not for their own good but out of religious obligation. Their happiness is supposed to always come second to that.


Dating is pretty un-islamic, according to the ayatollahs, but behind closed doors in Teheran who knows what you might find. Okay, maybe in Teheran you could end up dating someone if you were invited to the private parties of the middle classes. You'd need a good introduction though and internet dating is highly censored. Otherwise there may well be people who would love to marry a foreigner and escape Iran but in that case romance doesn’t come into it.

For the Iranians themselves things are very difficult. Although the last President, Khatami, asked the secret police not to disturb young men and women seen together in public, it's still very difficult for them to meet.

To avoid the persecution of the police young Iranians pull tricks like borrowing babies from relatives so that it would seem as though they were married. Or else they'll sit in cafes and a friend will lean forward to obscure the view as they hold hands.Things are supposed to be a bit easier if a guy has a car but that's a luxury beyond the means of most. One of the most common sounds you'll hear in Iran is that of a frustrated young man's sigh as he dreams of what must go in in California.


Israelis are some of the most beautiful people in the world with a hundred races blending together. They keep in good shape and after a walk through town on a hot day you'll have more than one reason to need a cold shower. Foreigners have good chances of getting a date in Israel and as most young people speak English it's easy to connect.

Israeli Girls

Most of them are pretty tough and have all been in the army for two years. On top of that a lifetime of dating Israeli guys has made them take no shit. They often take the upper hand in the relationship and you could, after a beer or two, classify them into two main types: The Yemenite/Moroccan girls who are dominant, bossy and full of vitality. They put your life in order and expect to be treated like a princess. The Polish/Russian girls who do exactly the same thing but indirectly. They worry you to death with emotional blackmail and guilt until you do exactly what they want. I'm kidding, of course but some of that will ring true to anyone who's lived in Israel.

Actually Israeli girls are wonderful companions who are funny, smart and supportive. They do have the reputation of being materialistic, though. Not that they want to buy things all the time but that they assess guys according to their long-term prospects. Most girl here want a family and with two years already lost to the army, there's a sense of a hurry to fit in the travel, studies and career that most would like before starting a family. Some families will object to their daughters dating or marrying a goy (a non-Jew), but even so the kids would still count as Jewish so it's not a huge deal unless they're particularly religious. They're not so shy and will often make the first move. Again many will appreciate a guy who is in touch with his feelings - a rarity in Israel. It's great to date Israeli girls but remember that one day they'll turn into Jewish mothers.

Israeli Guys

Most are in pretty good shape in the 20's and are muscular, impressive characters. By the time they hit 40, however, they start to go bald, get fat and grow hair on their backs. Perhaps it's the influence of the army but Israeli guys are renowned for locking their feelings away. They're taught to be strong types from an early age and they hide a lot of their sensitivity under a tough skin. Israeli guys are often very forward and many are just out for the sex. There's many good, caring guys though and still water runs deep. And Jewish guys can talk and are actually trained by demanding mothers to giving women-pleasers, especially in bed. It's more of a problem for an Israeli guy to date a goya, or non-Jewish girl - if she has kids they won't be Jewish. I've seen some cases where the rabbis have bent over backwards to rush a woman through the conversion process before a kid is born.

The beach, bars and even the street can be good places to meet someone. Israelis are also very connected to the internet and jdate.com is a site in English where you can try your luck.


Japan is about as kinky as sex around the world gets. Cute doll-like girls and frustrated salary men, love hotels and pornography everywhere. Japanese society is quite openly erotic in some ways with massage parlours broadly advertising their soapy service. Yet on a personal level the Japanese are painfully shy and most of the time it will be up to you to make the first move. Kissing in public isn’t really on but there’s no shame in suggesting a visit to the nearest love hotel. The love hotels themselves are a kind of neutral territory equipped with condoms, maybe mirrors and sex toys. Some even have outlandish décor such as medieval castles or Arabic harems. Figure on paying $60 for a night or half that for a two hours stay. You’ll be paying computerised staff anyway so as to cause less embarrassment to the clients.

Both Japanese men and women are heavily programmed by society as to their gender roles and this is something that is only changing slowly. If you’re looking for someone with independent spirit you’re best off looking for a girl or guy that has travelled.

The whole relationship thing is especially problematic for this painfully shy people. There even exist agencies to assist with the break-up process. In some cases a woman might be hired to seduce a husband and have photos taken with to be used as blackmail - then he’ll have no choice but to divorce his wife who was too afraid to say that’s what she wanted in the first place.

Japanese Girls

For some city girls dating a gaijin is something like having a life-size fashion accessory. There are clubs where Westerners and Japanese girls meet and the age range is usually set by the particular bar. Most Japanese girls have been taught to be utterly submissive to the needs of the man and will often follow you around from room to room. They rarely express any real desire of their own beyond perhaps being bought something ‘kawaii.’ In bed Japanese women are famous for outrageous screams of orgasm even before sex has actually begun. Some have speculated that this stems from the performances of the porn actresses in a life-imitates-art kind of scenario. Whatever the reason it can be a little alarming the first time round when your girlfriend begins to shriek in ecstasy for no apparent reason.

Japan is a good opportunity for less-attractive Western men to score well. The Japanese have a rather different conception of what makes a good-looking Westerner and many guys can reinvent their sexual prestige here. Hence the cartoon “Charisma Man".

Japanese Guys

Japanese men are famously reticent when dating and though they hold high-pressurised containers of emotion within, they’re too shy to ever express any of it. Many marriages sour because of the absolute lack of communication and the divorce is accepted with hardly a word. Dating obsequious women all their lives, Japanese guys often haven’t developed a great deal of personal charm. On the other hand they can be very sweet and loyal which some women find makes a refreshing change. Just don’t expect an honest answer to “How was it for you?” afterwards.


Aaaah, Mamacita! Tight jeans, machismo culture and girls wearing too much make up. No one is more sentimental than the Mexicans when they date someone.

Mexicans are amongst the most sentimental people in the world and at least half of their sex education comes from the tele novelas. “Ay,” They’ll sigh when they fall in love after a couple of hours, “Mi tesoro, mi cielo - te amo tanto!” (‘Oh, my treasure, my heaven – I love you so much!’) And they’re being quite serious, too. Naturally, it’s easy come, easy go but in the moment they can be quite taken away and speak to their lovers in a species of baby talk. Frankly, it can be quite embarrassing.

Mexican girls are educated to a very strict idea of femininity and are dressed in pink from day one. They wear tight, tight jeans to show off their figures and a bare mid riff is often a compulsory element in their everyday attire. Their mothers drill them on the use of make up from the moment they go to high school and it’s still only women allowed in the kitchen.

Admittedly, things have moved on from 50 years ago when it would be a disgrace for a women to leave the house alone, the home being her nest and domain. Yet for many Mexican women the only ideal is to find a husband to support her. And preferably buy her lots of accessories in the meanwhile. So when dating Mexican girls you’ll usually be expected to foot the bill, walk on the street side of the sidewalk when you stroll together and to do all the romantic stuff like in the movies. Find somewhere starlit, buy flowers and then say all the things you’d never say back home for fear of breaking down laughing.

In short male travellers should do what Mexican guys do when they want to date foreign women. They arrive with devastating eye contact and a sultry, breathless look; they place one hand on her cheek and say something like:“I have never seen anyone as beautiful as you in my entire life!”

Mexican guys often don’t quite know what to make of independent Western women and can only fall back on their ingrained machismo. That's cool if you're an old-fashioned kind of gal but might be a little tedious otherwise. You’ll find more freedom of the sexes in places like Mexico City where in the fire of the metropolis attitudes have softened a good deal. But even though there are plenty of liberal, cool Mexicans out there who escape the gender roles the sentimental streak dies hard…

Mexico is more liberal than many other countries in Central America though as the Catholic sense of shame has faded a good deal in the last few decades. It’s no problem for most Mexicans to have a one night stand and still face their family with a clean conscience the next day. There’ll be no shot gun marriage scenarios unless you’re really out in the sticks somewhere.


No problem getting a Moroccan boyfriend. Date a girl though and you date her whole family. Moroccan women are gorgeous but they’re a package deal. You could well meet a girl from university and date her but you’d be expected to marry soon afterwards. And that means marrying half her family also who would then need loans, visas to Europe etc...

Moroccan guys get big status kicks out of dating Western girls but you’d be hard pushed to find any that know the first thing about women’s rights. You might find more open-minded souls in the more modern cities of Casablanca and Tangiers.

Moroccans are all Muslim to a man but it’s rarely that strict here. In the cities you’ll see women walking around in tight jeans and it’s not taboo for young couples to have discreet relationships. Virginity should still be preserved but the guys tell us they get creative.

The Moroccans are very confident and have a good deal of charm and style to them. Not many women here opt for veils and in the cities may prefer jeans. To this extent in the major cities Morocco can be as sexy as it gets in the Islamic world. Head out to a night club though and you'll see just a bunch of guys in their cool, fake Levis. The Yemenite/Moroccan girls who are dominant, bossy and full of vitality. They put your life in order and expect to be treated like a princess.


Dating someone in Pakistan is one way to start a blood feud.

Yeah, right. If you’re a woman looking to date a Pakistani guy, you could probably take your pick. Not only are white women exotic, they’re also a ticket out of the country. Don’t expect your potential partner to know anything about women’s rights, freedom of religion or foreplay, however. Ok, in Karachi and the upper classes of Islamabad and Lahore there exist classes of people who are more world-conscious but it’s hard to meet these kind of people when you’re on the road; they live in walled communities, protected from the masses.

If you’re looking to fall in love with a Pakistani woman you’ll be risking a rifle down your throat in much of the country. The newspapers in the south occasionally feature the story of a runaway couple from the Pakistan country and the murderous pursuit of the girl’s relatives.

Pakistan just isn't the kind of country where a man is likely to get a date.


Dating Russian girls and guys is as easy as it gets. You don't even have to go to Russia to date a Russian girl. They are everywhere. Not, however for the politically correct..

For guys, Russia can be a hell of a shock – there are loads of women, and a lot of them are very, very good looking indeed, and charming with it. Just look at the huge number of marriage and dating agencies on the internet if you are in doubt.

There is no feminist culture to speak of in Russia, and girls try hard to dress (or rather, undress at times) to impress men – or at least it seems this way. The population is actually female–heavy (mostly because men die earlier). This means girls have to go the extra mile to get husbands, and given the number of beautiful women around, competition is even harder. Many people say WW2 is also still a factor – after 1945, there were very few men left, so girls had to compete hard for them, and attitudes have been passed on.

Either way, dating girls here is like shooting fish in a barrel, and this goes for Ukraine and Moldova too - and the Baltic States where there are large Russian populations. Girls quite often like to date foreigners even more than Russian men (they’ll be the first to tell you what they think of Russian men, in many cases). Inevitably there are passport-hunters, but a lot of Russian women just like foreign men more, if only because they have more money and drink less.

Russians are often pretty direct people too, and appreciate expressions of emotion. It would definitely be wrong to say all Russian women are “easy”, but if you can’t get a date here, go home and forget about it forever.

Prostitution is pretty widespread in Russia, especially in Moscow and other big cities. They tend to congregate in the sort of places foreigners are found – hotels, clubs and bars. If a beautiful girl in revealing clothing does start making eyes at you in a hotel bar, it’s safe to assume she’s not just being friendly because you look nice. If you do get any action, remember that HIV is spreading here in a big way. Around half the prostitutes in St Petersburg, for example, are thought to carry HIV. Cases of foreigners getting drugged and robbed by hookers are also fairly common.

For foreign women, Russia is not so great. There are cases of foreign women finding Russian men, but given the competition from the hordes of Russian lovelies, it’s hard work, and most Western women wouldn’t want to bother anyway.

Male-female attitudes tend to be rather old-fashioned, by European standards. Men do men’s things, girls do their stuff. Girls expect men to pay for things, and expect men to approach them for a date if they are interested.


If you're a woman who hasn't turned a head in a while, get yourself to Turkey. Turks are blind with lust over Western women regardless of their weight, advanced age, complexion, whatever your perceived faults back in America, Turks will make you feel beautiful.

They also see no conflict with having several girlfriends AND a wife, a holdover from the days of the harem, when you could tell a man's wealth by how many wives he had. The word monogamy does not exist in Turkish male circles, and the women just “don’t ask”. On the other hand, there are few divorces, as the wife tends to remain the “primary” for life.

If you are a western male, cross Turkey off of your list, at least for the near future. Turkish women do not go out with Western men.


Observations and advice about sex and relationships in America could probably fill a multi-volume encyclopedia. For all the brazenness of programming like Sex and the City and the free love movement of the '60s, things are not quite that simple and easy. Fear of HIV is a major obstacle, and scoring a date does not mean things will go anywhere.

American Girls

American women may make Desperate Housewives, but that doesn't mean they're all hungering for sexual encounters. If a girl has a strong Catholic or conservative upbringing chances are she'll want much more than something casual. In fact, people still get married very young in the southern states, around 19 and 20, and divorces at 23 or 24 are becoming more common.

Young people do like to 'hook up' especially at the bars and party scene. Different places attract different crowds by age and status, the working world does happy hours in the early evening and clubs and lounges at night. Clothes matter and you have to look good, smell good, and use hair care products. At the college bars it's more open and friendly but everyone seems to know everyone already. Alcohol is a major factor everywhere.

American girls are easy compared to girls in other countries, except that they usually have more experience in knowing how to avoid the wrong type of guy. They expect to be treated as nothing less than equal, and often the only type of men capable of handling them in the long term are American guys.

Dating sites are a very popular way for couples to meet. Popular sites are match.comeharmony.com and the Roadjunky friends network. Facebook is the most popular social network for college and My Space is the non-college equivalent.

American Guys

It's really easy to meet American men, but it's harder to meet quality guys who are only interested in more than one thing. 99% of men think that if they meet a girl at a bar they are going to sleep with her that night. The trick is to balance your behaviour so that a man doesn't think you're prude but not give in too easily either. It is common for a man to lose interest in a girl if she sleeps with him too quickly.

There are distinct types of guys in America: sports bar guys that wear baseball caps and t-shirts that are too small, in-shape preppy guys that wear brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, hippy guys with open-toed Birkenstocks you can meet at music festivals, slick guys who act like they have a lot of money wearing pressed blazers and large belts, hip-hop guys who are good dancers wearing chains and baggy pants, and the foreigner guys who don't understand they need to tone it down a bit.

Sex in America

Men and women often have their own rooms living apart from their parents at a young age so it is easy to find some privacy.

AUTHOR: Tom Thumb is the author of "Hand to Mouth to India" www.tomthumb.org/travelbooks.shtml. He is co-founder of roadjunky.com. Thumb says, "In an age of consumer travel and guide books that repeat the same old tired cliches and platitudes, Road Junky was founded to put the spirit back into travel, en-countering the world anew with the spirit of gonzo journalism, writing about travel with a highly subjective voice.
SOURCE: http://www.escapeartist.com/Travel_Mag/Issues/02/Dating_and_Sex_Around_the_World.html (link no longer active)
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