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Meeting beautiful Brazilian women is part of the lure of taking a trip to South America's largest country. For years Brazil has been known as a place for single men to experience romance, explore sexual fantasies, and share memories with some of the world's most alluring creatures.

meetinggirlsinbrazil_mediumI've been traveling to Brazil for many years and have heard many different takes on the subject of meeting girls in Brazil. Much of the information is spread by people who have never even visited Brazil. Some of these people will claim that in order to have sex in Brazil you must pay. Or they will say that you must be rich and promise the girls material possessions. These people are inaccurate. In this short article I want to discuss what it takes to meet women in Brazil.

I've put together a list of some of key points you will need to know if you are planning to visit the country and are looking to experience some of the storied romance that cities like Rio de Janiero, Fortaleza, Recife, Natal, and Sao Paulo are known for.

1. You must know a little bit of Portuguese. Most girls will not speak English. While Portuguese is not necessary in initially meeting them, it is crucial for setting up plans, making phone contacts, and for having an enjoyable time with your company. You don't need to be a master of the language by any means. You just need to know the basics.

2. You must bring your dancing shoes. Brazilian women love to dance. You must be able to go out onto the dance floor with them when the time comes. And you must be able to hold your own on the dance floor.

3. Don't be shy. Brazilian girls are used to aggressive, confident men. Be direct with the girls and let them know what you want. You don't need to play the sort of games you do with girls from the United States for example.

4. Be prepared to kiss a girl in a bar or club. When Brazilian girls go out for a night on the town it is very common for them to make out with a guy in public. In fact most girls will expect you to kiss them after twenty minutes or so of talking. Do not take this as a sign that they will sleep with you. Most non professional girls will kiss a guy the first night, but make him wait a couple days for anything more than a kiss.

5. Look your best while down there. The girls down there are very into looks. Make sure you are dressed nice, have a good haircut, cleanly shaven, and wearing accessories that the girls can comment on.

6. Be prepared for the stare. In Brazil it is common for a girl to stare at you if she is interested. If you are interested in her take this as a sign to go and introduce your self. And a similiar note, if you are interested in a girl it is not considered rude to glance at her numerous times.

7. Rent a cell phone for the week. This will make it a lot easier to get numbers and stay in contact with the girls that you meet.

8. Rent a condo for the week rather than staying in a hotel. Most hotels in Brazil will not allow over night guests. If you do try to bring a girl up to your room they will try to hit you up with a hefty charge. It is smarter to rent a condo for your time down there.

9. Be careful of meeting too many girls from the same area. Many times I've gotten myself into trouble by showing up at a bar with a girl only to have another girl I was talking to show up at the same bar. The girls will not hesitate to make a scene.

10. Be the fun guy at the bar. If you want to get noticed be the guy in the bar commanding the attention. Talk to many people, be sort of loud, and be friendly with the bartenders. You don't want to be the quiet guy in the corner.

These are just some of the key points for maximizing your time in Brazil and enjoying the most of Brazilian nightlife.

AUTHOR: Bobby Rio is the author of The Seduction Bible a blog about dating, relationships, sex, travel, nightlife, and self improvement
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