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A Guide To Dating And Sex Around The World

There are many motivations to travel – adventure, learning, culture – but, hey, a little loving on the way helps. Here’s a guide to getting dates, relationships and old fashioned casual sex around the world. Excuse the stereotypes, but there’s at least a bit of truth in each of these statements. ARGENTINA Dating is easy […]


Greetings Across The Globe

Kiss, hug or shake hands? The rules for saying hello can be very complicated and quite different from one country to another. Over much of the planet, people shake hands when they meet. In many other cultures, they also kiss. Some kiss on one cheek, some on both, yet others kiss three times! Beyond the […]


Cross Cultural Comparisons: First Names And Forms Of Address

Proper introductions get relationships off on the right foot. “Of all social forms, I find proper introductions to be the most difficult. The combination of unarticulated expectations, conventions, and motives creates great potential for unparalleled awkwardness.” ~ Prem Krishnamurthy NORTH AMERICA USA – Once you’re introduced to someone (besides the President and other lofty figures), you can […]


A Guide To The Wonderful World Of Tapas

No self-respecting Spanish bar would risk being caught without an intriguing array of tapas arranged across its counter. These saucer-sized bites, as much a part of Spanish culture as the siesta and the fiesta, come in infinite varieties and, more often than not, are completely unidentifiable to the untrained eye. No self-respecting Spanish bar would risk being caught […]


Spanish Cuisine And Eating Customs

One the first things that any tourist will quickly discover is that Spaniards have their own dining timeline which is very different from most countries. It is important to keep this in mind as you plan your activities and to take full advantage of the local cuisine. There is one phrase that you will often […]


Guide To Etiquette In Spain

Eye contact in Spain is very important. However women should be careful with making eye contact with strangers, as it might signal interest of a romantic nature. Every country has its own culture, if you want to enjoy your trip to any country you choose to visit, it is wise that you learn a thing […]


What Is The “Real Spain”?

The Real Spain still exists in many areas of rural Spain and should be searched out as it gives you a good feeling living in a society where these aspects can be found to still exist. How do you identify and find the much searched for “Real Spain”? Real Spain still exists in many areas […]


Social Customs In Spain, Traditions And Habits

Because of the temperate climate and the long hours of sunshine, Spaniards tend to get up later in the morning and stay out later at night than the rest of their European neighbours. It is quite common for life to begin when the sun goes down, especially in summer. Much of Spanish life is lived […]