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Lebanese Cuisine And Food Customs

The Lebanese gastronomy is a rich mixture of various products and ingredients coming from the diverse Lebanese regions. Olive oil, herbs, spices, fresh fruits and vegetables are commonly used, as well as dairy products, cereals, fishes and various types of meat. Lebanese Cuisine The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world. Lebanese […]


Lebanese Etiquette Tips

Many parts of Lebanon, such as Beirut, are very modern and cosmopolitan, while at the same time, some parts of Lebanon are more traditional and conservative. Lebanon is a unique country, because it’s influenced not only by traditional Middle Eastern culture, but also French culture. Many parts of Lebanon, such as Beirut, are very modern […]


Lebanese Social Life

The Lebanese are very gregarious. The souks (markets) are always crowded; shopping downtown is very popular, as is strolling with friends along the busy streets. Lebanese people usually sit close together and interact vivaciously. Social Etiquette And Customs Manners are important and are highly influenced by French etiquette, especially in matters of dress, address, and […]


Lebanese Customs And Etiquette

The communication style usually depends on how well people know each other, but in general people tend to be more indirect than direct. The Lebanese are very ‘touchy-feely’. Direct eye contact with a lot of physical contact is the cornerstones of Lebanese communication. People Some areas of Beirut have a friendly atmosphere, and some Beirutis […]


Lebanese Society And Culture

It would be wrong to dismiss Lebanon’s mosaic culture as merely Arab when it is clear that it is a blend of indigenous and invading or foreign cultures that have given it the title of the crossroads between east and west for centuries. Lebanon is a small country located in the Middle East, along the […]


Dating Japanese Girls And Guys

Both Japanese men and women are heavily programmed by society as to their gender roles and this is something that is only changing slowly. If you’re looking for someone with independent spirit you’re better off looking for a girl or guy that has travelled. Japanese society is quite openly erotic in some ways with massage […]


Japanese Courtship And Dating Rituals

“Goukon” or group blind date, is a modern pattern for dating where friends arrange for other friends to meet up to see if they like each other. Japan is much more a culture of introductions, swapping email addresses and business cards, than it is picking up dates in bars. Sex and sexuality is less frowned […]


10 Japanese Customs You Must Know Before a Trip to Japan

Bowing is nothing less than an art form in Japan. The duration and inclination of the bow is proportionate to the elevation of the person you’re addressing. For example, a friend might get a lightning-fast 30-degree bow; an office superior might get a slow, extended, 70-degree bow. It’s all about position and circumstance. If you […]