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Meeting Canadians For The First Time

When meeting Canadians for the first time, there are a number of topics that can be touched upon. But the first question on first contact will be: what do you do? Work/occupation is important to Canadians, and it is also a social marker; it is what separates and defines a person in relation to another. […]


Social Customs In Canada

Many social practices govern behavior in Canada. These are not laws, but they are well-established traditions that Canadians expect of one another. Canada’s people, landscape, climate, and way of life are diverse. Despite these differences, Canada is a country based on the values of equality, diversity, and respect for all individuals in society. Women, men, […]


What Are Canadians Like?

Canadians pride themselves on their sense of multiculturalism. Ethnic groups are encouraged to maintain their identity and to practice their customs within a Canadian context. Ask almost anyone in the world what are Canadians like and the most likely answers you will get will be “friendly”, “peaceful”, “hospitable”, “civilized”, “open-minded”, “tolerant”, “polite”, “courteous” and “modest”, […]


Beaches In Rio De Janeiro

Beach culture is prevalent in all of Brazil, and nowhere is it bigger or more impressive than in Rio de Janeiro. The beach culture in Brazil is a scene for fashion and trend setting. It’s not just about enjoying the sun, but also a social occasion. It is a chance to meet, socialize and for […]


Brazil Is The Sun Soaked Party

One thing’s for sure, no one knows how to party quite like the Brazilians. Its in their blood. Its almost as if they were born quaffing and swinging their hips in time to the beat. To these people, dancing comes as naturally as breathing so rhythm is as important as suncream when you’re packing up […]


Meeting Girls In Brazil

Meeting beautiful Brazilian women is part of the lure of taking a trip to South America’s largest country. For years Brazil has been known as a place for single men to experience romance, explore sexual fantasies, and share memories with some of the world’s most alluring creatures. I’ve been traveling to Brazil for many years […]


Finding Adventure In Brazil

When you travel to Brazil, you will be surprised by how much the landscape will change. You can travel to larger cities like Rio de Janeiro, visit the Amazon rainforests, or find a quiet beach to read or relax in the sun. If you enjoy the outdoors, there is much to see in Brazil. Since […]


Do’s And Don’ts To Keep You Safe In Brazil

Gather some information about Brazil before you leave. This rule applies before and after you have reached your final destination, and throughout your stay there. Keep informed at all times. Inquire about the safety of the areas you are about to visit, what kind of measures you need to take. Knowing where you are going […]