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Ten Interesting Things About Brazil

The people of Brazil are highly religious. They claim the following religions as their own: Roman Catholic 73.6 percent, Protestant 15.4 percent, Spiritualist 1.3 percent, Bantu/voodoo 0.3 percent, no religion 7.4 percent. If ever there were a fun loving people, it is the Brazilians. Here are ten interesting things about Brazil for you to dance […]


Tips For Traveling To Brazil

If you have ever dreamed of traveling to Brazil, you are not alone. Brazil is a particularly busy tourist location, but nonetheless gorgeous. This great country has a quite diverse culture and amazing climate, making it a wonderful place to visit. Brazil lies in the heart of South America which means the summer starts in […]


Brazil People And Culture

Diverse, vibrant, and full of unexpected wonders, Brazilian culture and its multifaceted infectious magic never fails to win the hearts of all who visit. It would be impossible in one visit to see all there is to see of Brazil’s unparalleled beauty. It is a good idea to go prepared with background on the culture […]


Brazil Cultural Diversity

There is no other place on earth that offers even close to the diversity of races found in Brazil. Every possible shade of pigmentation is represented many thousands of times. However the diversity does not stop there; it is complemented by a very rich cultural mix of traditions. Brazil is very unique in so many […]


Brazilian Culture, Customs And Etiquette

Brazilians are always up for doing something new. They love to just hang out with each other and will often stay up late into the night with groups of friends, just talking and having fun, even if they have to be at work the next day. In general, Brazilians are a fun-loving people. While attitude […]