Cross Cultural Comparisons: First Names And Forms Of Address

Proper introductions get relationships off on the right foot. “Of all social forms, I find proper introductions to be the most difficult. The combination of unarticulated expectations, conventions, and motives creates great potential for unparalleled awkwardness.” ~ Prem Krishnamurthy NORTH AMERICA USA – Once you’re introduced to someone (besides the President and other lofty figures), you can […]


Dating Japanese Girls And Guys

Both Japanese men and women are heavily programmed by society as to their gender roles and this is something that is only changing slowly. If you’re looking for someone with independent spirit you’re better off looking for a girl or guy that has travelled. Japanese society is quite openly erotic in some ways with massage […]


Japanese Courtship And Dating Rituals

“Goukon” or group blind date, is a modern pattern for dating where friends arrange for other friends to meet up to see if they like each other. Japan is much more a culture of introductions, swapping email addresses and business cards, than it is picking up dates in bars. Sex and sexuality is less frowned […]


Japanese People Guide

‘The Japanese have perfected good manners and made them indistinguishable from rudeness.’ ~ Paul Theroux One of the most disconcerting things about the Japanese is you’re never really sure what they think of you. They learn from an early age to suppress and hide their true feelings. It’s considered much more important to respond to a […]