Senegal Social Structure

Although predominantly Muslim, Senegal is a tolerant secular state, whose peoples have lived together peacefully for several generations and have intermingled to some extent. Islam is a potential unifying factor. Ethnic Diversity Although there are over ten ethnic groups in Senegal, five are predominant. The largest group is the Wolof who cluster in the northwest […]


10 Jaw-Dropping Traditions From Around The World

There are traditions many of us are accustomed to, traditions like Christmas, having a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or getting paddled during initiation by your fraternity brothers. Other cultures participate in rituals just a little more intense than our own. 1. Man Down Russian Drinking Game In Russia, it’s a traditional drinking game for men together and […]


Social Customs In Canada

Many social practices govern behavior in Canada. These are not laws, but they are well-established traditions that Canadians expect of one another. Canada’s people, landscape, climate, and way of life are diverse. Despite these differences, Canada is a country based on the values of equality, diversity, and respect for all individuals in society. Women, men, […]


Brazil Is The Sun Soaked Party

One thing’s for sure, no one knows how to party quite like the Brazilians. Its in their blood. Its almost as if they were born quaffing and swinging their hips in time to the beat. To these people, dancing comes as naturally as breathing so rhythm is as important as suncream when you’re packing up […]